Your Branded
Admin App

By giving business owners access to your branded Admin App, you provide them with the ability to manage their business and improve their clients’ engagement, right from their mobile device.

Multiple features and functions, all in one place

As a white-label partner, you can give business owners the ability to manage their business and engage with clients through your Admin App. Each will have their own unique login details, giving them access only to their own app.

The easy way to
make modifications
and business monitoring

With the Admin App, business owners can keep up with changes quickly, easily and preview the changes immediately. Whether it’s branding elements, contact information or details of new services, monitoring orders coming from the mobile shop or managing employees.

Increase clients’
engagement and get
them coming back for more

Now you can take your business owner’s digital transformation one step further, with a range of Admin App features that can streamline the engagement and retention of clients - offer in-app Coupons, Loyalty Cards, Mobile Booking, Push Notification, Live Chat and more.