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Huffington Post - bobile For Businesses. Huffington Post - Six Reasons Wy SMB needs ita own mobile app

Six Pressing Reasons Why an SMB Needs its Own Mobile App

An SMB that wishes to create a mobile app will do well to use Bobile because with bobile it is possible for the SMB to publish its mobile app almost immediately across Google Play and iTunes as well as Amazon stores. Bobile automatically creates the initial mobile app, based on certain parameters.

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Forbes - bobile for businesses Forbes - Filling a little less lonely with Reshma Saujani's Girls Who Code

Feeling A Little Less Lonely With Reshma Saujani’s Girls Who Code

“We’re a software development company based in Or Yehuda, Israel. Our one goal is to help businesses from different parts of the world create applications that suit their needs, without going through the actual hassle of programming them.” Ira Nachtigal, CEO of bobile.

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Digital Journal - bobile for businesses Digital Journal - Create an App automatically for your business

Create an App Automatically for Your Business

Do you want to keep clients loyal? Do you want to meet up with the trend and Increase sales and marketing efficiency? Then Bobile is the solution. Bobile help to create your initial app automatically. This is done based on the business type and in 5 simple steps.

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