Jewelry Lot

E-Commerce Accessories App

Jewelry Lot is an e-commerce company manufacturing fashionable womens jewelry and men accessories. It offers a whopping collection of more than 10,000 Variety of hot selling and edgy fashion trends pertaining to a myriad season.

Country: USA
Address: 20 Maple Avenue, San Pedro, CA
Number of Downloads: 2380



Main Features:

Mobile Shop

Members Club

Punch Cards


Jewelry Lot’s Mobile Story:

Jewelry Lot‘s management wanted to create a holistic shopping experience with more value for its clients by establishing an interactive members club with coupons, punch cards, and points shop to increase sales and retention. The app was created to fit the brand and goals of Jewelry Lot. Punch cards were added as well as coupons and a push notifications flow to extend communication with clients. A mobile shop was established for the entire collection with subcategories and filters to make shopping easy. Membership tiers were created with a rewards system for each event and action taken within the app – for each order, downloading of the app, finishing a punch card, claiming a coupon, and ‘Like’ on social media. clients can move up through membership tiers for additional rewards.

The Results:

The number of clients increased by 23% with over 158 new gold members.

International sales increased by 7% with 6 additional countries.

Sales per client increased by 8%.

A survey was conducted showing that customers’ satisfaction has significantly increased with the new app.

17% of club members who used punch cards.

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