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The ultimate goal of FitMe is to encourage people to push their limits, break records and increase performance. With their individualized approach to overall health and fitness improvement, the trainers at FitMe help people improve their general fitness or train for special events through individual programs or classes.

Country: USA
Address: 4113 Aspen Court, Boston MA 02109
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Fit Me Mobile Story:

One of the first challenges in creating the FitMe app was designing fitness-friendly UI where users can avail quick and get easy information about what they are looking for. The bobile platform enabled FitMe to carve a perfect, interactive interface that complements the provided services. Aimed to solve the space-bound dilemma of fitness enthusiasts, the FitMe app for fitness enabled trainees to use any of the gyms near their proximity so that they don’t miss out on their schedule. Geo-location notifications were used to send clients on-site information regarding classes, special lectures and available trainers and a map with all fitness clubs enables trainees to easily locate the closest establishment. Punch cards and membership club tiers were established to reward recurring participation and invitation of new clients.

The Results:

The use of punch cards together with the new point shop system increased recurring participation by 23% within 3 months only

Within 6 months, the number of Gold members was 532 and 103 Platinum members

Class participation increased by 23%

The use of personal trainers increased by 18%

Invitation of new clients by existing members increased by 32% within 2 months

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