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EMB Coaching helps its clients to develop and stick to their personal goals and resolutions. The association, established in 2001 is specializing at opening people’s horizon and helping them to have a more holistic approach to their personal goals by developing leadership skills, influence, confidence, and performance

Country: UK
Address: 83 Upper St, London, N1 0NU CA 94118
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Main Features:

Paid Booking

File Sharing

Members Club

Punch Cards


Push Notifications


EMB Coaching Mobile Story:

The main focus of the EMB app was to give its users that little boost they need to stay motivated and support its offline sessions and services. The added value of the app is that it enables clients to schedule and pay for appointments, receive additional reading materials and assignments, and fill out pre-session questionnaires. In addition, the app offers users coupons with special deals and discounts, and punch cards to increase recurring registrations. Each action within the app (such as booking an appointment, redeeming a coupon or completing a punch card) grants the users pre-determined amount of points that enable them to move up through the membership club tiers. Each tier grants additional benefits and unique opportunities for its members.

The Results:

Self – booking increased by 21% with a significant decrease in no-shows and cancellations

The number of new clients increased by 4%

Over 100 clients filled out the pre-session surveys, increasing the efficiency of the sessions

The use of punch cards and coupons increased recurring business by 12% within 5 months

Within 5 months, the number of Gold members was 23, and 8 Platinum members

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