Deku Sushi


Located in the heart of San Francisco, Deko Sushi is a popular local restaurant, offering a relaxed dining experience. They offer diners Japanese inspired social plates with a blend of Pan Asian cuisine.

Country: USA
Address: 2392 Roosevelt Street, San Francisco CA 94118
Number of Downloads: 529



Main Features:

Members Club

Punch Cards



Invitation Forms

Deku Sushi Mobile Story:

Wishing to increase their business from a small local restaurant with delivery and reservation services, to a wider audience, Deko Sushi, like plenty of small businesses today, realized the advantages of having a mobile app. It enables offering existing clients a better experience as well as increase their clients base. bobile’s mobile app platform, with its dedicated features and layouts, enabled Deko Sushi to easily create their own app with minimum hassle, in no time. The mobile shop feature was used to create a delivery menu with different vertices and variation to fit clients' special requests. Coupons and punch cards were used to increase recurring business and attract new clients. An invitation form was created to enable clients to book a table and permissions were set to employees assist with the bookings. Each action within the app rewarded the users with points – downloading the app, ordering, booking an event, and ‘Like’ on social media. Clients can redeem the points for different benefits and move up the membership tiers for upgraded benefits.

The Results:

Booking increased by 21% with a significant decrease in no-shows and cancellations

Deliveries were more accurate and increased by 8%

A survey was conducted showing that clients' satisfaction has significantly increased with the new app with both deliveries and booking a table

The use of punch cards together with the new point shop system increased recurring business by 16% within 3 months only

Within 7 months, the number of Gold members was 89 and 14 Platinum members

Total business revenue increased by 5.6%

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