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Beauty-Feel offer a complete range of beauty and massage treatments ranging from waxing and eye treatments to Indian head, bamboo and sports massage for both male and female clients. Their therapists offer the most modern, up to date treatments in a relaxing professional environment.

Country: Germany
Address: Grüner Weg 10, 61169 Friedberg
Number of Downloads: 326



Main Features:

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Beauty-Feel Mobile Story:

After years of experience working in the spa industry, Beauty-Feel has been set up with the focus being on customer satisfaction. With longer appointment times to ensure clients have time to relax before, during and after their treatment. By combining the benefits of both bobile’s booking feature and the notifications, Beauty-Feel’s app provides the best service experience for their clients. Each booking event rewards the customer with a pre-determined amount of point in the point shop that can be redeemed towards various benefits. Points were also granted for downloading the app, updating personal details, and ‘Like’ on social media. Membership tiers were established based on the number of Points accumulated with points based rewards.

The Results:

Time management highly improved and enabled receiving last minute appointments

Club membership tiers encouraged recurring business and increase total retention by 17%

Within 4 months the number of Gold members reached 87 members and 21 platinum members

Receiving notification and reminders, the ability to schedule appointments easily from the mobile app and keeping track increased clients' satisfaction and decreased no-shows by 36%

Coupons and punch cards were used by clients and increased bookings by 13% as well as clients' loyalty

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